Strategy Away Days in Nature


We enable strategic teams to gain inspiration, ideas and solutions from nature.  On our ‘Strategy Away Days in Nature’ we typically take teams of strategic leaders through the following:


Focus on the Key Strategic Questions

It is beneficial for the strategic leaders to arrive at their Away Day with the key strategic questions already in mind.  We can help the leaders to gain this focus through conducting interviews throughout the organisation.


Exploring Biomimicry

Biomimicry is learning from elements of nature (rather than about nature) in terms of its form (what it looks like), its processes (how it survives and grows) and its ecosystems (how it lives with aspects of nature).  It has inspired many great product designs such as the bullet train, wind turbines, swimsuits, and ventilation systems, etc. Biomimicry can also be used to inform organisational strategies, tactics, processes and structures.


Focusing Attention

To be able to learn from nature leaders must first focus their attention.  Otherwise, the leader’s mind will be distracted by worries, work issues, judgments, or general wandering. We train leaders to focus their attention through all their senses.


Learning from Nature

As we slowly walk out into nature the leaders learn how to become attuned to nature through all their senses.  They are then encouraged to engage with nature by sitting quietly alone with their strategic question in mind.  As they do, they are asked to use all their senses to learn from how nature has already addressed the strategic questions they have in mind.  They then realise that nature provides many metaphors for organisational life.


Reflecting, Capturing and Debriefing

After their solo time in nature the leaders are asked to reflect on their experience, capture their learning and insights in a journal and share these with the rest of the group.



Once all the insights and learning have been captured and shared, the leaders are invited to engage in a dialogue to create the new strategies, tactics, processes or structures. We use the techniques of ‘Bohm Dialogue’, to enable the leaders to harness their collective intelligence.


Rapid Prototyping

The day concludes with the strategic leaders using techniques designed to rapidly create the plans they will need to implement the new strategies, tactics, processes or structures back in the organisation. 


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