Strategy Away Days in Nature


Organisations employ ‘Strategy Away Days’ to separate staff from the office routine and encourage them to think differently. The environment, therefore, plays an important role in determining the quality and nature of the people’s strategic thinking.  Taking people to the same type of environments, e.g. conference centres, produces the same type of thinking.


To create new strategic thought, people need to think in new environments.  As well as being a source of inspiration, nature has been found to boost energy levels, refresh brain functioning and unblock creativity.  Rather than learning about nature, people can also learn from how nature has already addressed many of the strategic issues they are facing in the organisation.


We enable strategic teams to gain inspiration, ideas and solutions from nature.  On our ‘Strategy Away Days in Nature’ we typically take teams of strategic leaders through focus on the key strategic questions, exploring biomimicry, focusing attention, learning from nature, reflecting, capturing and debriefing, dialogue and rapid prototyping.


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