Self-Awareness in Nature


The purpose of this workshop is to guide people towards greater self-awareness  so they can identifying their own developmental needs and then map out their own developmental journey. 


During their participation in this workshop, people are guided into the woods, where they start their deep immersion into nature. A series of ‘tuning in’ exercises help the participants to form a connection with nature. This is an important aspect of the workshop, as research has consistently identified that our wellbeing is declining because we are increasingly suffering from ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’. We help people to ‘reconnect’ by enabling participants to see themselves as part of nature rather than being separate from it.


Once participants have ‘tuned in’, we help them to learn ‘from’ rather than ‘about’ nature (Biomimicry).  They practise the skills of learning from nature in terms of its form (what it looks like), its processes (how it survives and grows) and its ecosystems (how it lives with aspects of nature) to inform their awareness and understanding of themselves. Through practising biomimicry the participants start to create their own narrative of self-awareness.


Having reconnected with nature, and with the skills of biomimicry in their kit bag, the participants are invited to journey independently further into the woodland. The emphasis is on being ‘drawn in’ and being guided by their own subconscious. By quieting their rational and logical mind, trusting instead their own intuition, they experience attachment to ‘their place’. At which they are encouraged to spend some time, just ‘being’ in nature.  During their journey to and from their place, the participants collect items of nature, such as fallen leaves, sticks, stones and moss etc. Again, the emphasis is to be guided by their subconscious, so participants are encouraged to collect their items without their rational minds overriding their decisions, they instead remain open to their instincts.


Once they have collected their items the participants return to the group to create and explore their self-awareness narrative.  This takes the form of creating their own art from their collected items of nature.  This can be in the form of sculpture, collage or whatever creative outlet the participants feel like unleashing. Each of the items from nature has significance, holding an important insight. Together, all of the items and insights complete the narrative, which only the participant can read and interpret. Finally, once each participant has shared their art, story and narrative, they give their work back to nature and take home only the wisdom which nature has bestowed upon them.


This workshop has been designed to be deep and powerful, providing a space in nature where self-awareness emerges. It’s depth and power necessitates that it is facilitated by trained, qualified and experienced outdoor facilitators and psychologists.


Whilst increased self-awareness and understanding is powerful, participants need to be given the opportunity to translate it into further development.  We find that coaching is a useful next step or to have this workshop integrated into a leadership development programme. As a minimum the participants need to be guided in integrating their insights into their own Personal Development Plan.


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