Raising Conscious Awareness


The raising of conscious awareness enables a shift of perspective on a person’s experience and meaning structures that makes it possible to recognize them for what they are and to “reperceive” them. This is achieved through the practice of mindfulness techniques. Through this practice, a person is able to disidentify from the contents of consciousness (i.e. one’s thoughts) and view his or her moment-by-moment experience with greater clarity and objectivity. This process allows a person to take a step back and simply witness the drama of personal narrative or life story instead of being enmeshed within it and ensnared by it. Reperceiving can thus be described as a rotation in consciousness in which what was previously “subjective” becomes “objective”.  This type of consciousness is often described as “witness consciousness” and enables a person to observe and then let go of their ego.  In doing so, a person is better able to access the post-conventional stages of their development.

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