Personal Effectiveness Skills Training


We are working and living in a time where burnout is more frequent than ever before.  To be effective and sustain ourselves in today’s frantic world takes skill. Generally we don’t learn these skills in education, and like many other managers and leaders we need to discover and practice a new repertoire of attention and awareness skills relevant for our transforming world. 


Investing in developing personal effectiveness skills will ensure that we bring the whole of us to our work and life in a balanced, focused, engaged, attentive and productive manner. 


“I recently attended a mindfulness skills training programme delivered by Create Network. The programme was truly life changing.  It has given me a whole new bag of skills and insights that now allow me to make different decisions that are, creating a greater sense of balance in my life. I have really enjoyed this learning experience.”  Nicola, Operational Project Manager.


We take back control and let go of a battle to win more time.  We have all the time we will ever have.  It’s how we live in the time we have that counts.


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