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We enable organisations to be aligned with the new emerging society.

20 Years of Consulting

This purpose has evolved over twenty years of consulting in organisations.  Working as Business Psychologists we have helped many organisations achieve their purpose through selecting, profiling and developing their people.  In doing so we drew heavily on research into stages of adult development and created our own ‘Seven Stages’ model.  Over the years we found that most organisations wanted us to develop their leaders to Stage 4.  At this stage, leaders are typically driven to achieve business objectives through being competitive and authentic.


Sustainable Leadership

Through doing this work we have come to realise that our society is created by the collective decisions of leaders.  As our society is unsustainable, this means the leadership in our society is also unsustainable.  As we develop leaders, our work can contribute to creating a more sustainable society.  To enable this we set up Create Seven CIC which is a not-for-profit co-operative.  Sustainability is a massive problem for our society and, to quote Einstein, "no problem can be created by the level of conscious that created it".  As the majority of leaders in organisations operate from Stage 4 or below, to create a sustainable society we need more leaders operating from Stages 5 and 6.  This is the purpose which drives our work at Create Seven.


A New Societal Consciousness

After working with us at Create Seven, many leaders have felt misaligned with their organisations when they have returned to work.  The reason is that most organisations have been designed to operate as if they were a machine.  This is the consciousness of the industrial age. In philosophical terms this is called the ‘modernist’ era.  However, our society has since travelled through the ‘post-modernist’ era and, as it responds to the environmental crisis, is now entering a 'meta-modernist' era.  A new societal consciousness is emerging which is very much aligned with Stage 6 leadership.  This consciousness requires organisations to be designed and to operate as ecosystems.  Trying to operate as a machine in an ecosystem-society, is leading to organisations losing their ‘license to operate’. They are increasingly seen by people as being unsustainable, unethical and untrustworthy.


Our Purpose

Our purpose has now evolved to enable organisations to be designed and to operate less  like machines and more as ecosystems.  In doing so, they are better able to contribute to creating a more sustainable society and in return retain their ‘social license to operate’.

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