Organisations As Ecosystems



To be aligned with the new emerging metamodernist society, organisations are now increasingly being designed and operated as ecosystems.  This new society values  flow, emergence, and unfolding.  To achieve this, we are learning from nature’s forms, processes and systems to allow us to work with wholeness and integrate relative truths.  Our ecosystem organisations are  being designed with these values in mind. Following the work of Frederic Laloux, and his book 'Reinventing Organisations', ecosystem organisations are also frequently called Teal Organisations



When in business, ecosystem organisations have multiple and continually evolving purposes. These are related to planet, people and profit, often referred to as the ‘Triple Bottom Line’.  To achieve these purposes, the ecosystem organisation seeks to sustain and regenerate the resources it uses to create goods and services by ensuring, once used,  the resources are returned back into the environment in a replenishing form.  Profit is then realised through society valuing and rewarding the work of the organisation.


The more effectively the ecosystem adds value to society, the more the triple bottom line is increased. To increase effectiveness, the ecosystem organisation uses a range of practices such as self-managed teams, personal inquiry, distributed and emergent leadership, organisational democracy, dialogue and listening to the organisation as it naturally unfolds its emerging purpose. All of these practices enable the natural flow of change.


Organisations in all sectors sectors are increasingly adopting ecosystem structures and practices, as within the metamodernist society they are seen as more sustainable and ethical. They also enable organisations to be better able to respond to the increasing pace of change, create value through ideas and knowledge and provide work which gives people a sense of personal meaning. Today, organisations which are not adopting ecosystem structures and practices are increasing becoming increasingly misaligned with the new emerging metamodernist society.

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