Leading in Ecosystem Organisations


Leaders develop in the workplace, not in conference centres or training rooms. They develop by facing a challenge in the workplace where their current perspective will not provide a solution.  By overcoming the challenge a new perspective emerges and they transition to a higher stage of psychological growth.  This allows them to integrate and use new leadership knowledge and skills.  To make this transition effectively, leaders first need to be prepared and then supported.




  • Knowledge - EBSCO Leadership and Management Learning Portal providing access to the latest business book summaries, articles and videos.
  • Skills - Workshops enabling the practice of leadership skills in a challenging and safe environment.
  • Capability - Activities enabling leaders to gain greater capability in how they think, feel and behave.



Leaders are guided to find and take on a business project that provides a developmental challenge which is appropriate for their stage of psychological growth.



As facing a developmental challenge causes anxiety until the next stage in their development starts to emerge, the leaders are supported by working with a coach and participating in action learning groups.



We have been developing leaders for over 20 years.  To find out more about our work take a look at these case studies.


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