Leading in Ecosystem Organisations


You have probably noticed that change is constant and that attempting to control people with processes and structures is like fighting a losing battle.  Society as a whole is transforming from the industrial age where organisations worked well as machines, to a new age where we work as ecosystems and harness the energy and agility of natural flow to achieve the best outcomes for people, profit and planet.


In a machine organisation, leadership is about hierarchy, control, predictability and knowing the right answer. It is about having power over people. In an ecosystem organisation, leadership is about the opposite.  As ecosystems, organisations value flow, emergence, and unfolding, leadership is distributed, nurturing, accepting of uncertainty, and recognises there are no right answers. It is about having power with people.


To lead in an ecosystem organisation, people require new knowledge, skills and capabilities.  These can only be gained and retained through psychological growth.  On our leadership development programmes we teach new knowledge, train new skills, develop new capabilities and guide people towards new stages of psychological growth


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