Juliet Morton

Voice Specialist, Drama & Acting Coach, Management Coaching

Juliet Morton

Meet the Team Juliet Morton

Juliet originally trained as an actress and spent some time acting professionally before shifting her career into teaching. She has taught at many levels but the majority of her work has been teaching in Colleges and Universities. During her years teaching, Juliet has gained a B.A (Hons) in English Literature and a MA in Performance Culture. She has also trained as a management and mentoring coach gaining a level 5 in the ILM Coaching and Mentoring Qualification. Juliet has directed many plays both with students and in professional and amateur situations.

Juliet’s specialises not only in Shakespeare in performance but also the Voice. The voice and its means of delivering our thoughts and ideas in public scenarios can be quite often, difficult and daunting for many. Here, Juliet helps people overcome these difficulties and teaches them to effectively communicate with their audience.

Juliet is a keen photographer, specialising in images of the natural world with a specific focus on Butterflies. She is also a volunteer for both Butterfly World and Butterfly Conservation. Butterflies don’t need voice coaching, but they are very beautiful.

Visit Juliet’s Website at: www.julietmorton.com

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