Finding Time


What is this?

Seven weekly, 75 minute sessions that develop attention and awareness skills (mindfulness), enabling people to let go of their battle against time and start to live and be fully in life (including work) with the time we already have.  This type of mind development training takes effort, however, the payback is endless, and with practice will be transformative in all aspects of work and life. The course covers the following themes:


  • What mindfulness is and what it isn't
  • Why it is so important to adjust our perception of time
  • Understanding the difference between habitual behaviours (autopilot) and consciously chosen responses
  • Being aware of destructive time consuming habits and to unlearn them
  • Being in the present moment
  • Concentrating on what’s important
  • Making more wholesome and informed choices
  • Being able to consciously relax
  • Becoming undisturbed by thoughts
  • Creating a new relationship with schedules and plans
  • Cultivating the skill of mindfulness through practices that you can implement you can begin implementing



  • You book a quiet room or space where people can sit, learn and be attentive. Our trainer will create a safe, open and supportive environment for the group to learn new skills and enquire into their experiences.  The sessions can be delivered during the work day, as breakfast learning sessions, lunch and learn or after work courses.  The sessions run weekly for seven weeks. 
  • A course booklet is provided to share the key concepts, relevant research and evidence, further resources and for journaling.
  • A link to audio guides is provided that can be accessed via our website and downloaded to digital devices.



Our mindfulness trainers are experienced psychologists, coaches and consultants as well as being trained as mindfulness skills trainers.  They fully respect and accept that this type of training can evoke a scepticism for some and invite all to be open to the experience and raise any questions or concerns as appropriate for discussion and as part of the developmental experience. Like any skill development, effort is required for the skill to be embedded in order for a new way to be with time emerges with ease day to day.  Training of this nature changes the brain.  It is the practice of the skills that evolves the brain and makes the difference.  We request that participants respect this process and their own development by committing to the full seven sessions and practicing for a minimum of 15 minutes per day. 



Validated Pre and Post questionnaires on personal effectiveness and perceived stress are completed to measure impact.  As well as providing individuals and an organisation with feedback on impact, they also inform a growing evidence base for the training and its impact and with permission are used as part of academic research projects. 



We are delivering 'Finding Time' as an open course in Letchworth every Friday for 7 weeks - 12.30 to 13.45 starting 25th January 2019.  To find out more take a look at our Events page.



Contact us to chat with one of our mindfulness trainers/psychologists about ‘Finding Time’ in your organisation.

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