Creating Teams in Nature


We offer fully inclusive and immersive team building experiences in the outdoors through a range of mediums, and in a range of locations. This means we can deliver a bespoke team build event designed to meet you unique requirements.  Here are some examples of what we can offer:


Journey Together

Journeying as a team, either on a mountain or river, is an excellent way to build interpersonal skills, decision making and communication. It is an ideal opportunity for both new and established teams to come together in a beautiful and natural landscape. This tailored experience provides teams with an immersive experience, which under the guidance of experienced Outdoor Facilitators and Psychologists, can become a strong and united team, supportive of each other. Following this experience, they will be better equipped to communicate with each other, make decisions together and self-organise under pressure.


Learning from Nature

Just like people in teams, the elements in nature collaborate and compete to create a continually unfolding whole.  For every problem we face when working in teams, nature has already found a solution.  We can build teams and increase performance by enabling team members to learn from nature.  We do this by focusing on key team working questions, exploring biomimicry, focusing attention, learning from nature, reflecting, capturing and debriefing, dialogue and rapid prototyping.


Build a Tiny House

Through our partnership with the Centre for Alternative Technology, teams are challenged, guided and supported to build a small house within a matter of days.  Through the experience of building the house the participants are observed and given feedback on their team working skills.  The dynamics in the team are then reflected upon, explored and developed.


Low Ropes

Our Low Ropes facility is mobile, and therefore, we can come to you, or at least to an outdoor space near to you! A range of low rope obstacles provide a tremendously fun and exciting way for teams to work together in order to complete the course. Without the fear of heights often experienced on High Ropes courses, Low Ropes courses are a much safer and more effective way to gain meaningful team experiences, which are more inclusive and suited to teams unlike their higher counterpart which usually requires one or two participants taking part at any time, leaving lots of time for standing around.


Raccoon Circles

Raccoon Circles are the name given to dozens of different team activities which use a simple piece of rope. These activities are designed to enable teams to improve their communication skills, interpersonal skills and decision making. The activities are not designed to be competitive, rather the incentive is to collaborate and work together. 


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