Creating Teams in Nature


Team building in nature is not a new concept. Organisations, schools and various community groups have been utilising wild spaces in traditional ‘Outward Bound’ style for a long time now. Transferable skills and insights gained from being ‘tested’ by nature and her elements are widely accepted and acknowledged as worthwhile and meaningful, gaining popularity as a way of rewarding employees with exciting and adrenaline-fueled days out of the office. Often, however, employees endure a sense of fear and or discomfort as a result of ‘high-octane’ activities being thrust upon them. We take a different approach.


We recognise the purpose of team building is to build teams not egos! Of course, when someone overcomes a fear, it can provide an amazing sense of achievement, but ‘high adrenaline’ is not a requirement to having meaningful ‘Peak Experiences’ in the outdoors.


We offer fully inclusive and immersive team building experiences in the outdoors through a range of mediums, and in a range of locations. This means we can deliver a bespoke team build event designed to meet you unique requirements. Examples of the activities we offer include taking a journey together, learning from nature, building a tiny house, traversing low ropes, and engaging in collaborative problem solving using ropes.


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