Coaching Programmes


What is this?

A dedicated space for a leader to evolve and transition their leadership whilst also maintaining their wellbeing. Six meetings, focused on the areas that will have maximum effect, over six months with a coaching psychologist of their choice. Some examples of areas of development that may be covered within a Coaching Programme are:


  • Building a solid personal foundation and self-confidence
  • Developing strategic thinking and complexity of thinking
  • Creating appropriate goals, strategies, tactics and action plans
  • Enhancing management and leadership skills
  • Developing emotional intelligence in work relationships
  • Identifying and moving away from self-sabotage, negative repeating patterns and  habitual responses
  • Creating commitment to organisational goals, changes or strategies



We take a client-centred approach and utilise techniques drawn from a breadth of psychological perspectives. Following a free chemistry session, the coachee selects a coach and a unique plan is developed together to guide the sessions to ensure the appropriate level of stretch and support is provided.  A suitable venue is agreed and dates are diarised and confirmed.  The Coaching Programme begins… 



Coaching sessions remain confidential between the coach and coachee.  We ask managers and sponsors to respect this agreement. Research shows that the biggest factor influencing coaching outcomes is a trusted relationship. Being adaptive and accepting of the unfolding nature of work, we seek to be flexible and move dates and times of sessions.  We do request a commitment to personal development that engenders an attitude of care and respect to self, prioritising personal development over less important external demands. Amending dates and times is dependent on availability for both coach and coachee and any expenses already incurred will be invoiced. 



Following a coaching programme we offer the opportunity for the coachee, coach and if appropriate the line manager to meet three months later to talk in person about what changes have been experienced, observed and how the evolved leadership is impacting on various elements of the system they are in. 



Contact us to chat with one of our coaching psychologists about a coaching programme in your organisation.

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