Coaching Clinics -  An Hour for You



What is this?

Our qualified and experienced coaches hold a unique coaching space for the people in your business to drop into and get the support and space they need to be at their best.  Having this space is essential to maintain energy, wellbeing and quality of thinking in today’s uncertain, complex and challenging business world.  It is amazing the difference one hour can make.  Our coaches use their experience and a wide range of tools, techniques and approaches to provide whatever each individual needs at that moment in time.  They can come with a problem they are stuck on, a challenge they are experiencing or simply to take a breath and refocus. 



All our coaches need is a quiet room to deliver this high impact service.  You have enough to be focusing on in your business.  With minimal disruption or fuss, we fully turn up, we coach, we leave. You book a coach on a day and share the invitation we provide with your teams.  We take the bookings for hourly sessions, share guidance to coachees and leave you and your teams to focus on your own work. 



We simply ask that you respect confidentiality of the sessions.  We report back to you the numbers of people who have taken the opportunity to see a coach.  Respect is asked that the conversation is between the coach and coachee.



At the end of a coaching session we ask coachees to respond to three simple impact measuring questions and post in a confidential box as they leave:


  • Has this time been valuable to you?
  • Will your thinking, feeling or planning be improved as a result of this session?
  • Would you recommend 'An Hour for You' to others?


These anonymous responses are shared with you and the coach to measure the impact of the sessions. 



Get started…

Call Jill on 07810 828173 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to talk about your requirements and to get started investing in your people.  A coach can be in place as quickly as you want them to be. 

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