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We use a range of media to deliver innovative and engaging packages designed to exceed you or your organisation's expectations.

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With a strong track record of exciting and innovative projects in the educational sector, we offer a unique service to schools, colleges and public sector organisations - from harnessing video to inspire, educate and inform students, parents and professionals, to cutting edge applications and interactive web-based learning. We draw on extensive experience and expertise to create bespoke programmes designed to challenge and develop young people and education professionals.


Whether it is capturing an organisation's achievements, sharing the experience of its people, or attracting future generations to your industry, Create Network use film and media to inspire and develop. Working closely with organisations to understand their needs, goals and message, we can create media in a wide range of formats to communicate your message in a dynamic, engaging way.

Third Sector:

We have considerable experience of working with third sector organisations to help them communicate their core messages, successes and news in an engaging way. With the challenging economic climate, video and other media can be an effective and cost-efficient way to help the public - potential supporters and volunteers - understand your ethos and aims.

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