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Mindful Acceptance
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Maintaining employees’ effectiveness and psychological health is an
urgent and important challenge.

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Maintaining employees’ effectiveness and psychological health is an urgent and important challenge. Mindful Acceptance and Commitment (MAC) is psychological and behavioural skills training designed to increase resilience, well-being and effectiveness in the workplace.

The importance of improving and maintaining employees’ psychological health is now widely recognized by occupational health practitioners, business leaders, and human resource professionals. A growing body of research has established that psychological well-being is one of the most important factors in workplace performance.

The MAC program is specifically designed to improve employees’ psychological health as well as their effectiveness at work and in their personal lives through a combination of mindfulness and values-guided behavioural skills.

The training is delivered over 3 half day workshops: -

MAC I      Introduction to Mindfulness and Values-Based Action
MAC II     Untangling from Internal Barriers to Values-Based Action
MAC III    Consolidating Mindfulness and Values-Based Action Skills

This evidence based training accelerates productivity in the workplace while caring for the well-being of employees. Research clearly suggests that MAC Training yields a solid return-on-investment. We also employ MAC principles on our leadership programmes, teambuilding and coaching and career counselling. 


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Mindful Acceptance and Commitment Training



Businesses make great efforts to keep their workers safe whilst their wellbeing is often neglected leading to decrease in performance. Workplace surveys across a variety of industries have found that at least one in four workers is experiencing a common psychological health problem.  This psychological distress costs businesses both in terms of absenteeism and presenteeism.  Not providing employees with the skills to build their resilience to succeed in and in pressurised and stressful work environments costs business in terms of lower productivity and poor decision making.  The MAC programme enables businesses to increase the wellbeing, productivity and effectiveness of their employees.

Not for Profit:

With an increasing workload and decreasing budgets working in the ‘Not for Profit’ sector is becoming an increasingly demanding environment.  Workers in the ‘Not for Profit’ sector also have the demand of holding and supporting the psychological distress of many of the people they serve.  For these reasons it is vital that workers in this sector are given the skills to maintain their own wellbeing and effectiveness.  The MAC programme gives people the psychological and behavioural skills they need to perform well as they serve their community.  


Mindfulness programmes in schools are increasingly been seen as effective in helping students to concentrate and learn better, cope with their stress and anxiety, build strong relationships and generally  perform a higher level.  The MAC programme builds on mindfulness to give students the behavioural skills to achieve their values based goals.  


We recognise that for many people their organisation will not provide the psychological and behavioural skills training they need to increase their resilience, well-being and e¬ffectiveness in the workplace.  We will soon be providing open public programmes to enable individuals to develop the skills they need to be successful in today’s demanding workplace.  
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