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Each individual's development is realised and sustained when they take on real world challenges in the workplace, which have been selected to be in line with their stage of development. When facing these challenges managers and leaders are supported by our online resources and coaching.

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Our experiential activities will ensure that managers and leaders develop as people as well as learn new skills, tools and techniques. This results in sustainable development and improved outcomes for both the organisation and the individual.

When developing their managers and leaders many organisations focus on learning knowledge and skills training. We go one step further and also provide the development.

We take an experiential, rather than academic, approach ensuring the whole person is developed leading to sustainable change in the workplace. At our workshops we integrate psychology with drama, art, music and multi-media enabling individuals to change how they think, feel and behave at work. We literally enable the managers and leaders to create their future.




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Throughout many aspects of society there is currently a crisis of leadership.  Many people no longer trust their managers.  People’s experience of work is often characterised by stress, bullying, lack of creativity, disengagement and poor teamwork.  The reason, organisations train managers too late when they have already learnt bad practices as a way of surviving in their workplace. Instead, we need to develop our future managers at an earlier stage to create a new future. We need to develop future leaders to solve problems creatively, to connect with people with compassion, and to behave morally.  Our solution is to partner with schools, colleges, and universities to develop students and enable them to find their authentic leadership and learn how to use their authority wisely in all aspects of their lives. 


When delivering management development and leadership development in business we ensure the investment the company makes in their people delivers increased shareholder value.  For junior managers this requires focusing development activities on managing the operations efficiently to ensure good profitability.  For middle managers we focus development activities on how to translate the strategy into competitive tactics to ensure revenue and profit increase in the medium term.  For senior managers the development activities focus on ensuring the company is strategically positioned in the market for profits to be forecast as sustainable in the long term.  As work moves from the operational to the strategic, how a leader thinks, feels and behaves needs to change in significant and meaningful ways.  Our development activities create this change. 

Third Sector:

All charities have to develop new ways of working if they are to survive in this new economic climate and continue to make a meaningful positive impact on society.  To manage this change there is a temptation to look to the business world to transfer established performance management practices.  Instead what is required is for charities to develop new innovative ways to manage performance, lead according to their values and purpose, streamline their practices, and engage with society.  Our development activities enable managers of charities to create leadership and management practices that are right for the third sector.

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