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There are times in our careers when we benefit from seeking expert support and encouragement. We may require specific training in a new area, coaching to overcome challenges, or simply a supportive ear to voice concerns or anxieties. Our qualified coaches are here to support you in achieving your goals.

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Create for Individuals

Create for Individuals




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See what our clients say...


“Working with Jill over a 6 month period was without doubt the most beneficial and helpful coaching I have ever received. Although I've been a professional manager for 10 years, with Jill I was able to think and consider different approaches to work relationships not previously considered, my own situational behaviour and different routes and methods for business networking. I was extremely pleased with all the outcomes.”


“My experience with The Create Network Careers Coaching was fantastic.  It gave me an enormous insight after the very first session with Jill into what my future had the potential to hold.  I soon knew that each session would give me renewed and expanding confidence to move forward with, not only my careers searching, but what I wanted to do with many other aspects of my life.  I found myself saying things that I didn’t even know were in my head.  Without this coaching, I would have lacked the motivation to look into all corners of possibility.  The Create Network lead me to areas that had previously felt impossible for me to reach.”
Career Coachee 2014.



“Jill is a skilled coach with a very open, friendly manner. She picked up my particular work/life context very quickly and has been extremely helpful to me in thinking through was achievable whilst accepting what is not. She has also been particularly flexible with my challenging overseas schedule. I highly recommend her.”







Case Studies


There’s method in our madness...


Each individual is unique.  Our coaches and consultants love their jobs.  They really care about supporting their client's to achieve their full potential, and are motivated by seeing others' progress, succeed and develop in their careers and in their lives.....

Case Study 1

A Create Network career coach worked with a client who was going through a time of transition.  She was in the process of leaving a management role and had some thoughts and ideas on setting up her own business.  The coaching programme was designed to meet her needs in summarising how her personality, skills, interests and experience would be relevant in her proposed business plan; to engage her mentally and emotionally for the change and new business start-up, and to provide advice, encouragement and a plan for her to take the change forwards.  The programme combined psychometric feedback, visioning techniques, mapping activities, and planning sessions.  Since this time the client has made the transition and is providing programmes and work for her own clients as a consultant in her specialist field. “You have helped me turn a “I’m thinking about and maybe I could, into “I’m doing something about and yes I will”

Case Study 2

A Create Network career coach worked with a client who needed to reach some important decisions.  He enjoyed his current role in a large corporate organisation but did not feel fulfilled or stretched by the day to day nature of the work or the career path it provided.  He had the opportunity to re-train on a university course, to go back to a previous different job with greater financial reward or set himself up independently as a freelance specialist.  The coaching programme allowed the client the thinking space and opportunity to explore each option fully in relation to who they were, their ambitions, lifestyle, and motivations and to reach conclusions that they felt energised by and confident in.  The sessions used a range of activities, such as questionnaire feedback, profiling, mapping, projecting, drawing, networking and planning.






Create for Third Sector clients


Due to the confidential nature of our one-to-one work we would not disclose our client list for this work.  Our qualified and experienced psychologists and coaches work with individuals in public, private and third sector industries, including pharmaceuticals, technology, healthcare, media, fashion, charity, education and construction.  Our clients range from school leavers to Board Directors.


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