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The term “career” has changed dramatically in recent times. We take a modern, fresh and insightful approach to ensuring individuals and organisations plan, achieve and manage careers effectively.

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Thinking about the world of work and how our individual interests, skills and motivations are linked to future job opportunities cannot start too early.  We are passionate about working with young people to help them identify where they want to be and why, explore career options and make practical and active plans for taking important steps forward.  

Business/Third Sector:

We work with organisations to enable them to develop and retain key talent and develop people's careers to ensure that each individual progresses at a relevant and stimulating pace.  Our career development workshops will inspire, ignite motivation and start career plans that are meaningful for each individual.  


Creating time and space to gain dedicated support on your own career path can be life changing.  Our career coaches will provide a bespoke programme of activities that will help you to get to where you want to be in your career.  Whether you want to discover what career choices are most relevant to your personality type, prepare for job interviews, market yourself through social media or create a plan for achieving career goals, we have the tools and techniques to support you.


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